The Friday Bitch Bag was a segment on the Adam Carolla Show created by writer Mike Lynch as a means to ensure open and honest communication with the staff. Every member of the show staff, including production staff and interns, submit a written complaint regarding someone on the staff. The person who receives the most complaint "votes" must read their "bitches" on-air. All other votes are shredded without being read. The August 11, 2006 edition resulted in Teresa Strasser breaking down and crying on-air.

On October 26, 2006, Strasser requested, on-air, that she be excluded from the next Bitch Bag segment, saying that the bit was "vindictive and destructive" [1]. She decided to make the request after talking with her therapist about it. Her request caused a great deal of controversy among the show's staff. On November 6, 2006 Dr. Gary Corgiat , who appears as Danny Bonaduce ’s psychologist on the reality series Breaking Bonaduce, appeared on the show to analyze Strasser's problems with the segment.[2] Since Corgiat's appearance, there has not been another Bitch Bag.


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